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We are a consulting practice passionate about


Better Future Strategies liberates social impact organizations to focus on what they do best and create impact in our community by offering them the following services:

Our mission is to enable those who create better futures.

Because organizational transformation and growth takes a village, the diverse Better Future Strategies, LLC team listens and works alongside you. We’re firmly dedicated to:

  • Breaking down silos and generating innovative ideas

  • Translating passions and visions into strategies and roadmaps that achieve them strengthening financial and operational sustainability

  • Ensuring successful implementation by providing action plans and ongoing advice when needed

  • Advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility

  • Lending expertise to work that matters



Danielle Hernandez leading a Design Thinking workshop at Reproductive Health Access Project

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Are these your challenges?

  • Pursuing additional funding opportunities that adapt to donors' trends and expectations?

  • Preparing for unexpected changes and crises?

  • Building up short- and long-term sustainability and resilience?

  • Being ready for ongoing shifts and economic uncertainties?

  • Developing 3-year or 5-year capacity-building strategies that are scalable?

  • Using meaningful metrics efficiently and effectively under resource constraints?

  • Building data capabilities while protecting data and privacy?

  • Innovatively reimagining the future to solve emerging social challenges?

Your Challenges

This is what we can do for you.



Translating your vision and mission, our strategic plans and roadmaps deliver continuous, measurable progress, while adapting to uncertainties as they emerge. Here’s what we offer:

  • Strategic directions to expand programmatic and operational capabilities

  • Guidance on a governance structure that enables effective implementation of the strategic plan

  • Meaningful benchmarks and metrics that don’t tax your resources



We enable organizations to cost-effectively manage resources so they can respond quickly and appropriately, even during economic downturns. Services include:

  • Providing methods and tools to integrate budget planning with programmatic and operational decisions

  • Devising pathways to diversify revenue sources

  • Exploring and preparing for “what if” scenarios together



Our capacity-building services empower organizations to manage unforeseen events and crises. Here’s how we help:

  • Creating data management structure that improves the way organizations tell their stories

  • Adapting optimal solutions that fit their needs

  • Building technology capabilities and stronger infrastructure



We train organizations and their personnel to respond to change. Here’s how:

  • Providing training for board, management team and staff to build organizational resiliency

  • Sharing knowledge to empower risk and data-based decisions

  • Improving effective, efficient prioritization of resources

Our Services

Meet your dream team of experts in multiple disciplines.

Our Team


"I share the stories behind an organization’s true human impact."

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"I help organizations fulfil their missions through thoughtful strategies, financial resilience, and sound governance."

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"I connect and engage with communities where they are at."

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"I translate vision, mission, and values to strengthen an organization’s ability to create social impact."

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"I make data work for those who prefer people to spreadsheets."

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"Through your constraints and challenges, I deliver creative and innovative designs to tell your stories."

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Our Approaches

  • Listen actively and ask questions to understand an organization’s needs, challenges, priorities, current capabilities, resources constraints, and aspirations

  • Employ collaborative and inclusive methods to strengthen organizational culture

  • Develop practical and actionable strategies to generate continuous success, “Think globally and act locally”

  • Empower clients to grow and innovate their programs and operations

  • Enable organizations to be nimble and adaptable to expand and transform

Our Approaches

Jessie Lee assisting at a Statement Arts performance

We aren't just another typical consultancy, what sets us apart is how we listen and work alongside you.

Our services strive to solve challenges and aspirations of small and medium sized social impact organizations.

We're excited to get to know you.

Our clients have done some pretty amazing things to work towards their missions and grow as organizations. Together we’re thinking of new things to do every day. What could you + us be capable of together?

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